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The Dirt About the Designer

The Original Saint or Sinner...

Sam St Michael No Saint Gear former Hoyden Gear the original Fetish Designer

About fashion designer Sam St Michael.  Some may even call this, the latest gossip. ~ I've been a leather worker for well over 20 years now. Graduate & Instructor, of the New York Fashion Academy.  Have dabbled in many things.  Clothing designer mainly fetish apparel & accessories.  Adult novelties / toy maker & manufacturer, retail shop owner S N M Underworld, Hoyden Gear, Designs by Sam St Michael.  I've been featured in fashion shows, promoted events.   Part of the leather & BDSM world.  I was 50 Shades of Grey long before it became a fad.  *I am still referred as, 50 Shades of Sam*  Yes, I have skeletons in my closet but nothing to be afraid of.  Hell, I've always said, "I'm that lil devil on your shoulder.  Giving you permission to do ALL those things you wanted to, but were too afraid of."  

I also worked as a Fitter for a Cobbler, apprenticed in TX learning to make exotic custom cowboy boots and more.  

Yes, I've done many things in my life and have had many hardships.  Hell, maybe next will be a coffee table book.  

Why am I taking a twist in a slightly different direction?  Well 1st off my sarcasm plays well in this adventure and 2nd, I understand what it feels like, not fitting in 'the norm'.  Being uncomfortable in your own skin.  Always looking over your shoulder in some unsavory / unsafe parts of the country.

***The boundaries placed upon us to 'fit into the norm' by society, family, laws on a daily basis.  And rebelling on them.  Wanting to push the limits of inclusion, acceptance and fuck off.  I have lived this with you. ***

Growing up...  I've been bullied,  punched in the face many times.  *hell, that was when I TRIED to 'fit in' being a girl wearing a dress and makeup*  Spit on, called every name in the book and under the sun...  Always asked...are you a boy or a girl?  Been IN the military while 'OUT' during *don't ask, don't tell.*  Lived thru the AIDS epidemic, lost many I loved.  Seen hate, rage and racism and tried to fight it while in Bigot Busters.  Going back to my high school of *mt lk toilet, in Snohoma-phobish-county*.  "Homecoming 1993" where Alumni went back to the school and the City Council to talk about what it's like growing up 'BEING' different.  Hoping to educate the faculty and only to have walked in a trap that felt like we were witches being burned at the stake.  *that was a city council meeting*.  Church members, gotta love them.  *sarcasm here.* 

My personal favorite; are the protesters at every corner during PRIDE.  *more sarcasm*  

There's so much I can relate to that has happened in my life so far.    

If you know me...Then you know I can put a sailor to shame with my foul mouth. I don't give a flyin fuck about what you think of me.  I burned that mother fuckin bridge of caring long ago.  If the only thing you got is calling me a DYKE...  Please, your words don't mean shit to me.  I've heard them all my entire fucking life....  They don't hurt me, I embraced them LONG ago.  So if that's all ya got, better go get educated.  

What am I after? 

Creating a community that embraces ALL our differences, no matter who or WHAT they are.

Once you get to a point where you're sick and tired of BEING sick and tired.  Out of fucks.  Could fucking care less what others really think of you....  And embrace it.  Then you have found HOME...

NO SAINT GEAR...  For those who DON'T fit 'the norm'...  



St Michael Designs, Productions Promoter.  No Saint Gear Fashion with Attitude

  •  Seattle Erotic Ball ~ Co-Promoter  
  • a St. Michael Production ~ Promoter  
  • Hoyden Gear found in over 150 stores nationwide, Canadian Territories & in London!  
  • NYFA @ Premier ~ fashion show 2005  
  • Fashion show @ Contour  
  • SIN ~ fashion / event show  
  • Un Wrapped ~ fashion show 2006  
  • S.E.A.F. ~ fashion show  
  • UNDERWORLD monthly event ~ a St. Michael Production  
  • Nordstrom's purchase latex from RETAIL STORE ~ SNM Underworld to use in 8 window displays at their FLAG SHIP STORE.  DT Seattle.

This caused a BIG article in the Seattle Gay New!  

Click to read it!  *Even though they got my name wrong, this was pretty damn cool*

  • Artist of the Month ~ Seattle Sinner  
  • snm Underworld ~ Retail Store
  • Seattle's BEST OF THE NORTHWEST ~ New retail store   
  • PURE ~ UNDERWORLD ~ Promoters Noel T. Austin and Sam St Michael @ club Heavens (May 13, 2010)  
  • AMDEF 2010 ~ Heavens  
  • Alice in Fetishland ~ Neighbours and Neighbours Underground ~ Promoter (May 30, 2010)
  • THE SUPPER CLUB ~ SAN FRANCISCO, CA ( July 16, 2010)
  • CHANCE ~ Seattle Oct 2010 Gender Bender & Roktober Fest  
  • Artist of the Month Oct 2010 ~ CHANCE 
  • CHANCE in Portland, OR ~ SIN CITY TOUR Nov 2010
  • CHANCE ~ Seattle May 14th, 2011
  • AMDEF ~ @ the Crocodile May 21st, 2011 SINNERS & SAINTS / END OF THE WORLD
  • July 3, 2011 ~ fetish fashion shoot 
  • My Bloody Valentine ~ St Michael Productions Feb 2012
  • AMDEF ~ @ Neumos Aug 18th, 2012
  • My Bloody Valentine Sparkle Party ~ 1 yr ANNIVERSARY show ~ St Michael Productions Feb 2013  
  • Hoyden Gear is now Designs by Sam St Michael 2014  
  • Re Branding starts 2015
  • St Michael Designs, under No Saint are High End Fashion 2016 Re Branding
  • NO SAINT GEAR: The gear made for those of us who are....NO SAINT!  Fashion embracing those who just don't 'fit in the norm'!  2017

The bottom line...

No Saint Gear St Michael Designs.  Fashion with Attitude

I will carry multiple lines.  Here you'll find both the No Saint Gear Line and the St Michael Line.  St Michael line is more of the high end fashion apparel & accessories.  

St Michael Line will be by VIP ONLY.  


I've always offended people, even when I didn't try.  So now, I'm just gonna TRY and be more blunt about it.

Want to hold a Private VIP event?  Drop me a line and let's chat about that.

Most items are designed, assembled and made in Seattle. I am currently adding some help from others to expand my lines.  This saves us from braking the bank on big equipment and inventory.  Some items may be imported, some Pre ordered and paid so a 3rd party can make item and then final assembly here in Seattle.